Unit 5: Professor Bory

Language of Loss


As I thought about what no form and the language of loss entailed I struggled to find something to relate to. However, after long contemplating I found what no form looks like to me, attached in the picture below. As I was painting to just clear my head, I began with various shapes of triangles. As I continued the triangles began getting wonky no longer following the form I intended. At first I was furious because the picture was not going to turn out how I envisioned. But I trusted the process and continued. As I had all the various triangle shapes and sizes done I began to watercolor paint. Each color took the shape of the triangle creating a rainbow of colors. 

I feel this painting represents no form and the language of loss because it doesn’t have the intended purpose in mind. Similar to death, because it just happens and we cannot control it. Therefore, the way one’s emotions behave is unpredictable and random, thus as I chose the shapes and colors.