Unit 2: PROFESSOR Green

In Notes from the Field the juxtaposition I saw was between the age, culture differences and locations of each of the characters Anna portrayed. Each character brings a new perspective from either being personally affected by racism or trying to actively make a change. Some directly helped to stop the crime and violence while others experienced it from what they saw. It was crazy for me to think that a whole classroom of children would be affected by murders and death because of racial tension. The effect this has on me is that many of the actors Anna portrayed were from Maryland in which I live. Being able to see the crime and impact on the people who live less than an hour from me makes me want to create change. Being able to support people through times of struggle is one of the best ways to help. As I am an African American woman I know that any of these situations could be me on day. Therefore, creating change can allow no black woman or person to live in fear of brutality.

Brandon Bernard

Throughout the summer the support of the Black Lives Matter movement has skyrocketed. As an African American woman the support I see in person with my friends, professors, family and on social media by celebrities is astronomical. However, the death of Brandon Bernard by lethal injection on Thursday December 10, for his part in a 1999 double murder-robbery when he was 18 is ridiculous. Donald Trump did not grant clemency to Bernard and now he is dead. Rather Trump is using his power for harm as white men such as, Michael T. Flynn, Roger J. Stone Jr., Joe Arpaio, to name a few, have been pardoned for even larger crimes. The killing by lethal injection is disgusting and non-humane, and needs to be changed. This story makes me think back to the novel Just Mercy when a fellow inmate faces lethal injection. I hope that our generation can continue to create change on an even larger scale to change the way all people, especially african americans are treated.  


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