Campus Commentary

Ibram X. Kendi

On Tuesday September 22 I attended Ibram X. Kendi lecture on “How to be an antiracist”. He first began with the point that fake news impacted how many black and afro latin communities are portrayed by the media outlets. Many of the protests that occurred this summer in response to the black shootings were in reality peaceful. However, the news twisted the story and made it seem as if lotting was the only outcome from the protests. Instead of teh news attacking rela issues at hand such as the effects of Cvoid 19 deaths and shootings the fake news media shared and spread lies. 

When Kendi made the point on politics is power really shook and shocked me. I never thought being in politics would give you power, but then I changed my thinking. By voting you are actively choosing who you want in office, therefore you are involved in politics. By allowing others to control what happens in your community and/or society you lose thus opening yourself to be afraid and weak. 

The point of racism also being a drug really stuck with me. As racism is constantly spread around more and more people get addicted and deeper in not really realizing what their actions were doing. Therferoe, racism continued to build and build, creating what it is today. Similarly the treatment for rasmsim must be an even stronger drug so that more people can reverse what is occuring. The addiction for a cure must get all people enticined so that by entering one addiction another addiction can create a better society. Beginning anti racist speech and knowledge at a young age is a great way to start as the generation below us can have a head start on the drug to combat racism.