Artwork: Body Positivity

This art piece by Tyler Feder connects to the Humanities course in relation to every type of body. Each woman, man, and children are all different body shapes, colors, and ages. In today’s society people’s body shape and sizes are constantly on display being judged at every turn. Our society assumes people are a certain way because of how they eat or live which frankly could not be the case, but from sheer genetics. Stereotypes create a stigma around bodies that are not the norm affecting people’s self esteem and confidence within themselves. However, each of the bodies seen in the photo are happy in their own way regardless of what society is telling them how they should be. All bodies are beautiful and unique regardless of what adjectives and stereotypes are put on them by society. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean that is their personality. There are so many characteristics that impact how someone is as a person regardless of how they look